Sunday, May 11, 2008

Call-Answer: another step towards complete control of my mind :-D

My owner and I had a discussion while I was driving a couple days ago (I had a LOOOOOOONG drive, to my new, but temporary, home.) We talked about things she wants to do to me and work on. She is particularly interested in working on creating the ability for me to go into a blank state for extended periods of time, while still functioning. She also is working on creating what is called a 'Call-Anwer' trigger in my mind. That is what I am writing about today. Over the last two days she has been trancing me in an effort to start making it work... and it does at this point! (Yay!)

as a side note: I love it whenever she successfully takes control of another part of my life or my mind. It feels so nice and right. It feels like I won a prize or got a special gift. I can't explain exactly but it is the bestest moment.

Anyway so the call answer works like this: She triggers me and then gives me an order. I phase out to near complete mindlessness and perform the task. She tells me I also monotone back to her an answer (hence call-answer,) and gasp with pleasure the entire time. It does feel very nice...and whenever I come out of it I am full not just of physical pleasure but mental and emotional pleasure as well. The most important thing to me is being able to please my owner and I there is nothing better in the world to me than her having complete control and me being completely obedient...something about this feels like the ultimate form of obedience to me :-)

She pointed out to me that it seems like I go to a specific 'headspace' when this happens; and she is right, of course, I do. Its a good thing she did too, or I would have forgotten to explain that. Basically when it happens, I think it is as I give the 'answer' my mind kind of simplifies everything down to simply doing, and enjoying doing, whatever she says. I could probably have a conversation with her (although I doubt with other people) like that, but she would very much have to lead the entire conversation; I wouldn't be in a position to from new ideas myself or decide anything at all really. It is basically a hyper-focused feeling of how I usually feel about her control combined with everything else fading to complete unimportance (and if you are wondering, yes I would spend most "waking" moments that way and be quite content with my lot in life. Although I do enjoy being lucid enough to have full conversations with my owner too; so it would be tough to give up that much of my mind all the is still VERY pleasant though.)

Anyway, that is the story of the call-answer, which my owner tells me she will be adjusting some. There is other new news too, but I am not sure I am ready to share it yet. But there may, or may not, be another new post coming shortly.

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