Saturday, June 14, 2008

It has been too long

but work has really kept me busy lately and when I haven't been working it is much more fun to spend time actually talking with my owner than writing here. Still I know that an update was necessary.
My owner has been working me over quite a bit lately... keeping me horny and granting me varying levels of release while forcing the most um...interesting thoughts into my mind.

She has been spending a lot of time hypnotizing me at night, which leads to me falling asleep on her. She has also been getting her hands on me in the morning before I head off to work...which makes sure my thoughts are filled with thoughts of her.

I am becoming more submissve and pliable every day (I know this because she tells me so...) I also know that she is starting to push on things she hasn't in the past. Taking greater control over my thoughts and feelings and just approach to life I suppose. It is an interesting ride. She isn't changing who I am or anything like that...but she is certainly forcing me to expand my horizons and binding me ever tighter to her!

Not that I am complaining!

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Anonymous said...

sounds good to hear your owner is keeping an eye on you...