Thursday, November 26, 2009

What the word "Obey" means to me.

This should be interesting. It is good to be back. Todays post is brought to you by the word "Obey," this word has become very important in my life recently. More important than it was before and possibly more important than any other single word has ever felt. Thanks to my owner I hear it constantly on the edges of my consciousness. I hear it every moment, in time with the beat of my heart. Sometimes I find myself repeating it quietly to myself. Sometimes I hear her breathing it into my ear. My owner is again becoming the center of my world, and this word, "Obey," is becoming, or has become, the thing I need most to hear.

So what does "Obey" mean?

It means that I am property. It means that I am her slave. It means that I am hers. It is almost interchangeable with the word "Mine," which she growls into my ear at least once per day... THAT word makes me shudder and go fuzzy and need her more than anything I can possibly explain... "Obey" is a close second.

Obey means that my purpose is obedience. It means that obedience is the thing which brings me pleasure and brings me joy. Obey means that above all else I belong to her. Which is what I wanted and needed more than I could ever describe here.

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