Friday, December 11, 2009

My Owner's Control

My owner has commanded me to write this, in real time, about what is happening to me tonight. It started this morning when she decided to play with something I had a dream about and we have talked about in the past. The idea was simple, that she could control what, if anything, I felt about people I knew. She took her time getting me to a really deep place this morning and then took away all of my emotions and feelings regarding people other than her. It didn't matter whether it was my mother, my sister, my exgirlfriend, anybody...I felt nothing unless she wanted me to.

She left me like that all day, occasionally asking questions about people to see how well her work took and to show me how controlled I was. That leads us to tonight, where she has taken things even further.

As I sit here now I feel nothing but my place as my owners property. I feel my love and devotion for her and my desire to be completely owned and completely obedient. Nothing else in this world matters to me. I am writing this blog post because she has commanded me to. I can't imagine doing anything other than what she commands me to do.

Throughout the night she has raised and lowered my awareness of emotion and thought concerning people in my life. She has teased me with it. She has toyed with it. She has made me forget everyone but her. It has taught me some interesting things.

I want her to have this much control over me. I accept that this much control means that she can do what she wills with me. I trust her completely. I want her to be able to alter, remove, destroy my emotions, my memory, my everything. I trust her to take good care of me and I truly believe that whatever state I wind up in it will be what she believes is best for us and that I will be happy in it. Just as I am happy in the state I am in now.

I have also learned just how dark our respective natures are. We are both incredibly turned on by this event. We both know that it is a marker of just how deep we are. Just how much she owns me...just how much I need to be owned. I am in awe of it. She has made me aware of a dial in my head. It goes from 100 down past 0 into negative numbers. This dial controls my ability to feel regarding parts of my life other than her, and her ownership of me. She has told me that she may never turn it back to 100...right now it is at negative...negative something. I know how much work she has put into this so I know she intends to use it. She intends to use me. I am so thankful and so happy for everything she does to me. Everything she takes from me. I may never completely feel other than for her again. If she chooses that than I will accept it. I will be happy with it. I will be proud that she thought doing this to me was worth it. I am proud to be hers.

So thank you, my love, my owner. This piece of property could not be happier.

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Jo said...

Hmmm ... i know i should be scared and worried for You - but all i feel is envy!

Good on you!!!