Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We join this program already in progress...

I should have started this blog a while ago (probably last August to be exact.) But, better late than never I guess. There will be another post upcoming to explain things in more detail, but for now some general information is going to have to do.

Some general information!!!

1.) I have a huge interest in D/s (thats dominance and submission for the uninitiated,) you should be able to tell from the title of my blog on which side of the
/ I fall on.

2.) I am, at this point, a huge hypno fetishist- that is someone who looooooooves being hypnotized and having hypnosis used as the basis of control or to accentuate the control that was already in place. Now, what you should know is that I was always a bit of a hypno fetishist...now nothing turns me on more. We will get to why that is the case at a later date.

3.) I have a very interesting life aside from my interest in these things, but my interest in these things, at this point, colors my everyday life. As my story goes on you will see how/why that is the case as well...

4.) I have a lovely and wonderful owner. You will be hearing more about her in the future. She takes VERY good care of me though and in addition to having pretty much all of the control she wants over me is also one of my very best friends and an excellent person besides. Don't get me wrong... she has made some interesting changes in my life over the last 8+ months... and you will be hearing about that too.

5.) While I am not starting this blog directly as an order from her it is certainly at her suggestion...the reason for this is very simple... due to the nature of her control and the immense amount of hypnosis I have undergone in these last months I have no frame of reference for what has changed or is changing about me.... this will help with that in the future (and with her help we are going to go over some of the changes that were made in the past as well.) So this blog is not just for the entertainment of others it is for my own self understanding...

Anyway, this is a very brief introduction to what this blog is, mostly, going to be about.
I hope anyone who reads this enjoys!

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